Forces at Work

Forces at Work is Tyler Wilcox, touring bassist for Distant Correspondent, Chris Gregori (co-founder of Lowboy Beaters), and Jesse Greene. We recorded this EP (mostly) live at my home studio in the summer of 2016.

Follow the link below to pay what you want for the release. All proceeds are donated to the ACLU.

And to Jesse: You were a kind, adventurous soul. We miss you.

Not a lot of records these days offer much in the way of mystery. Influences, aspirations: where a band comes from and what they’re shooting for are oftentimes a little too legible, really. Forces at Work offer something shot through with echoes, glimpses of everything from The Go-Betweens to the Feelies to the Durutti Column, but these are just cross-currents within a music that is its own pensive, and thoroughly gorgeous, reward.
— Matthew Specktor