Distant Correspondent

Modern dream pop in its latest form, best describes the mellow and floaty sounds created by Distant Correspondent.
— MTV Iggy
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Distant Correspondent - Distant Correspondent

David Obuchowski asked me to try putting drums and bass over a guitar track he had laying around. That track became “Badlands” and was released as a limited edition 7” in the UK. More followed.

David would work in early morning hours when the world was about to rise, tracked late into the night. Our self-titled album was released by Hot Congress and Old Flame Records in the autumn of 2013.

We collaborated with Emily Gray of Meanwhile in Communist Russia and Edith Frost for vocal contributions. The album was produced by David and myself. Emily joined us on a US tour in support of album, with Tyler Wilcox on bass, and Margaret Darling (The Seedy Seeds) on guitars and vocals.


“Shatter” directed by Molly McIntyre

Official video directed by the wonderfully talented Molly McIntyre and debuted on The Big Takeover.


“Summit” directed by Heather Crank

Official video directed by the wonderful and talented motion graphics designer and artist Heather Crank of Crahmánti. Learn more about Heather and this video in this interview by IFN Film.


"Merge" by Distant Correspondent.

Song originally premiered on Maura Magazine, January 18, 2013.

Source footage from the public domain and collected in the Prelinger Archive: "Color Keying in Art and Living" (1950) "Airport America" (1954)


“Say” by Distant Correspondent.

This is the official music video for the song "Say" from the self-titled Distant Correspondent LP (released in 2013 on Old Flame Records and Hot Congress Records). Guest vocals by Edith Frost.